Palapreg® P 18-03
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Palapreg® P 18-03

Maleic polyester resin

Product description

Formulations of SMC/BMC based on Palapreg® P 18-03 can be used in a wide range of applications, giving high surface quality, low separation and improved pigment ability. SMC/BMC based on Palapreg® P 18-03 can readily be thickened with magnesium oxide.

Major applications

Palapreg® P18-03 is intended for Class-A surface products. As its high reactivity, Palapreg® P18-03 is also intended for rapid curing products. Auto parts: Car Exterior parts, truck exterior parts, head lamp reflector.E/E: Pigmentable, high gloss products, precision injection.Flame-resistant: Products with high flame-resistant performance which meet DIN 5510(2009), NF F16, BS 6853, BS 476 standards.The SMC based on Palapreg® P18-03 with high filler roportion still has excellent flowability, and efficiently control toxic gas releasing.Other: Internal internally colored, painting-free products; low-press SMC.

Certifications and Approvals

Key benefits

  • Class A

  • Good pigmentability

  • High gloss

  • High reactivity

  • Readily thickened with magnesium oxide

Key markets

  • Building & Infrastructure
  • Electrical
  • Transportation

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