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Polymer Concrete is a casting process used for making components traditionally made in concrete. Providing a higher design flexibility than conventional concrete, a lower weight, significantly faster cure and the capability to color parts, this technique is broadly used for manufacturing components in Building & Infrastructure (door thresholds, window sills, decorative strips, façade panels, street water drainage systems, manholes, sewer pipes). The resin is typically mixed with sand and quartz filler in multiple filler sizes to have a uniform mixture (resin content up to 15 %).


For an overview of our key products, please consult the Product Selector on this web site, or download the AOC Product Selector Guide and the Atlac Product Guide.

AOC has high quality resins available for all these casting applications sold under Synolite™ and Palatal® brands . Please contact your AOC Technical Service Representative for helping you in selecting the resin system most appropriate for your process and application.


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