Designed to provide excellent resistance to many chemicals at elevated temperatures, the Atlac® resins are highly suitable for making tanks, piping and components used in Industrial processes. Process operators can run their processes smoothly and without interruption, because they know the excellent durability and reliability of parts based on Atlac® resins. Applications include storage tanks, process vessels, pressure pipes (e.g. firewater, cooling water, transport of liquids), power plants (chimney liners, FGD exhaust piping, scrubbers, electrostatic precipitators), desalination process components, and mining equipment.

The superior resistance to sea water and osmosis, makes Atlac® resins highly suitable for applications in Marine. Both in structural components (hulls, decks) and for use as tie coat these products are being used since many years, providing boat owners long-life durability great aesthetics. Many Atlac® resins have received Lloyds, DNV and RINA approvals.

In addition, Atlac® resins bring great strength and toughness, and can be used in combination with a broad variety of fibers, including glass and carbon fibers. This allows for the manufacturing of structural components for windmill blades, pultruded profiles used in Building & Infrastructure, Transportation and Offshore. The great mechanical properties translate into predictability of long term structural integrity and part performance.

The Atlac® Premium resins are Styrene-free. They feature easy processing and close to zero smell. This translates into a healthier work place, happier operators, reduced process interruption in confined space environments, and minimized emissions from finished parts.

Please click here for downloading our Chemical Resistance Guide. In this brochure you can find information on our most important vinyl ester and unsaturated polyester resins used in corrosion resistant applications. We have listed the maximum temperatures at which laminates based on these resins have demonstrated a good service life, and/or shown positive test results in accordance with the mentioned test methods.





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