Palatal® K 785 V-02
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Palatal® K 785 V-02

Styrene-free unsaturated polyester resin for Chemical anchoring applications

Product description

Palatal® K 785 V-02 is a specially developed unsaturated resin dissolved in Vinyl toluene and methacrylates. Palatal® K 785 V-02 is pre-accelerated with amine accelerators.

Chemical anchoring formulations with this resin can be cured at very low temperatures.

Major Applications

Palatal® K 785 V-02 can be used for all applications, where amine accelerators offer high advantages and alternative monomers are requested, such as flooring, putties and chemical anchoring. The resin has excellent mechanical properties.

Key benefits

  • High mechanical strength for formulated chemical anchoring compound

  • Great application versatility through low-temperature cure

Processing methods

  • Chemical anchoring
  • Putties

Key markets

  • Building & Construction
  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure

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