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OEMs take pride in developing new vehicles that are fun to ride, feature a unique shape and have personalized aesthetics. Designers want to find solutions for reducing weight that minimize fuel consumption for fleet operators, and to ensure passenger safety in public transportation. In this respect, composites solutions based on SMC/BMC, RTM, Pultrusion, and Hand lay-up can bring a nice combination of design freedom, light weight capability, durability and strength.



AOC has been supplying Quality Resins into Transportation markets for many years. Closely working with our direct customers, Tier Ones and OEMs, we have been able to increase the acceptance of composites in Transportation. We have facilitated the manufacturing of large production series in high volumes, and are working in an open way with the entire value chain to push the limits of design and component production consistency.


  • The Palapreg® resin series offered by AOC are the industry standard for quality and predictability in processing. With R&D capabilities both in Europe and China, we are able to demonstrate improved product performance, facilitating a smooth market introduction of new technologies in transportation applications. Based on a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs and challenges, we are able to create solutions that work and bring value for both.
  • Several Palapreg® resins are available for making Class A parts, as well as a wide range of LPA and LS additives. New Palapreg® Premium and Daron® resin systems have been developed to reduce emissions of volatiles in passenger compartments. New Styrene-free resins are available upon request.
  • The drive for reduced weight and desire to replace structural components currently made in steel, has sparked an increased use of Carbon fiber in Transportation in recent years. AOC has several resin solutions available in its Atlac®Daron® and Palapreg® product portfolio that can be used for this purpose, bringing the benefits of high strength and ability to manufacture parts in large production series.
  • For the manufacturing of putties the Synolite™ resins have been setting the standard for many years. These resins enable fast sanding after putty application, easy car repair as a consequence, with a superior finish as a result.



For an overview of our key products, please consult the Product Selector on this web site, or download the AOC Product Selector Guide. Please read Blogs on SMC Design and case study on Mercedes Roadster (describing close collaboration Daimler, Menzolit and AOC).




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