Reinforcing Regulatory support for AOC customers
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Reinforcing Regulatory support for AOC customers

18 April 2023

New AOC Regulatory Affairs Manager Cor Verhart explains the importance of quality regulatory support, and the benefits this is bringing to AOC customers.

Having a clear sustainability agenda, AOC is a responsible company that underlines taking good care of its employees, customers and the environment. This means that the company is fully aware and complies with the latest global chemicals legislation (like REACH, UK-REACH, Turkey REACH/ KKDIK), the resulting requirements and implications for resins manufacturers, classification updates of substances, and operates with the right systems and processes to properly manage compliance.


Safety updates

Cor Verhart started at AOC per January 1st, 2023 and is now leading the Regulatory Affairs department in the EMEA region. He and his team are responsible for safeguarding compliance, e.g. by providing customers with updated product safety information through Safety Datasheets, make available relevant storage and transport details to our logistics service providers, and ensure we have the latest information for supporting the Environmental, Health and Safety teams in our EMEA manufacturing operations.

With a broad product portfolio that is growing in size and complexity, it is of great importance for AOC to stay aware of changes in chemical substance classifications”, explains Cor Verhart. “We take good care to provide our customers with the latest updates, so they ensure their employees can process the AOC products in a safe and healthy manner.”

AOC is working with industry experts through industry association Cefic, so we follow the relevant trends and developments and are on top of important upcoming legislation and dossiers like polymer registration, styrene, cobalt, BPA, and possible future restrictions”, adds Asal Hamarneh, REACH Project Manager at AOC. “We make sure our industry is well represented and provide input for new European regulations.”


Quality information

AOC has listed detailed health and safety information in its Safety Datasheets, including emergency contact details, potentially hazardous ingredients, precautions for handling and disposal, as well as safety guidelines for product transport. AOC has also Regulatory Datasheets available that provide registration details for export to specific countries outside Europe. Please contact your AOC Customer Service representative for receiving a copy.

AOC is well known in the market as innovative company for leading the development of new products and material solutions with lower emissions and a lower environmental footprint”, concludes Cor Verhart. “With an experienced team of Regulatory professionals, AOC is well positioned to support customers using these innovative materials so they can run their operations smoothly and truly focus on growing their business.”

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