Synolite™ 1275-A-1
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Synolite™ 1275-A-1

UPR casting resin for Cultured marble and Polymer concrete

Product description

Synolite™ 1275-A-1 is a polyester resin that can be easily processed in casting applications. The low resin viscosity allows for obtaining high filler loadings.

The resin is often used behind a gelcoat in sanitary applications, as well as for industrial components in polymer concrete.

Major applications

Synolite® 1275-A-1 is particularly suitable for the production of casting applications and for high filler loading application. 

Typical components made from Synolite® 1275-A-1 resin are bathroom wash basins (particularly for integration with bathroom furniture).

AOC Next® Product

  • Contains recycled PET resin

Key benefits

  • Dimensional predictability through low resin shrinkage and high filler loading

  • Easy processing into complex castings

  • Cost efficiency associated with high filler loading

  • High freedom of design

  • Minimal cracking through low residual stresses in the molded part

Processing methods

  • Casting
  • Polymer concrete

Key markets

  • Building & Construction
  • Infrastructure

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