Hand Lay-up/Spray up
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Hand Lay-up/Spray up

In the Hand lay-up processing technique, reinforcing materials such as chopped strand mat or woven rovings are impregnated with resin in a manual operation. Mostly these mats or woven rovings are based on glass fiber. By applying several layers the desired laminate thickness can be built up, in line with specific part design.

The Hand lay-up technique enables the molder to control the placement of glass in the mold, ensures the right quantity of glass is used, and that glass fibers are placed in the right direction. As a result, mechanical properties can be optimized for a specific end-use. The investment for the Hand lay-up process is typically lower than for other processing techniques.

In the Spray-up process, simultaneously resin, initiator and chopped glass fibers are sprayed onto a mold. By applying several layers on top of each other, it is possible to rapidly achieve the required laminate thickness.

Compared to Hand lay-up, a larger investment is required for Spray-up: it is required to purchase glass/ resin spray equipment, an air compressor and a spray booth. At the same time, cost associated with labor and materials are typically lower, resulting in direct cost savings for the molder.

Hand lay-up and Spray-up processing techniques are typically used for small to medium-sized production series (up to 100 to 500 parts per year). Processing usually take place at room temperature without external pressure on the mold. Consequently, cost-effective composite molds can be used (e.g. manufactured from Neomould® tooling resins).

Typical end-use markets for Hand Lay-up and Spray-up include Marine & Offshore, Transportation (components for cars, vans, trucks and busses), Building & Construction, Infrastructure (swimming pools, façade panels), and Industrial (storage vessels, process equipment, cooling towers).


AOC Products

AOC has a broad product range available for Hand lay-up and Spray-up applications, sold under Atlac®, Palatal®, and Synolite™ brands. These include resin chemistries like Vinyl esters, Orthophtalic, Isophthalic, Isophthalic/ NPG and DCPD resins. AOC resins for Hand lay-up and Spray-up are certified by international bodies including Lloyds Register, DNV GL and RINA. 

Besides solutions that provide fast wet-out of glass fibers, good air release for uniform laminate properties, and resistance to sagging on vertical surfaces, AOC has solutions for Low Styrene Emissions (LSE) or Styrene-free, and with optimized cure for making thick parts.


More Information

For an overview of our key products, please consult the Product Selector on this web site, or download the AOC Product Selector Guide and the Atlac Product Guide.

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